Terms and Conditions

The www.resumaker.co.in (Resumaker) terms of service (terms) regulate how you access and use Resumaker website and the services ('Services'). Kindly, go through the terms keenly and you are free to contact us for clarifications.

1. Acceptance of the Terms

By accessing the site and accepting the terms of service agreement shows that you have the right and the capacity to agree to go by the agreement. We have the right to make updates to the agreement anytime we wish to (at our own interest), the kind of changes we provide by any reasonable and legitimate means without limitations whatsoever. The updates include new versions of the agreement being posted on the site. Note that, you are automatically become bound by all additional updated guidelines, protocols, terms and conditions applicable to all service related to any service you access and use on this site. We retain the right to temporarily or permanently do a partial or a complete site modification or even discontinue it regularly and at any time at our own discretion with and without notifying the users. We also have the right to modify or wave the fees charged in relation with the use of the site and the services and provide opportunities for some or to all site users. You agree that we shall not be faulty for any site modification, termination or even discontinuation of the site to you or to any third party be it partial, in whole or of any service and feature accessed via the site. If you continue using the site after such changes, it will send an indication that you accept the changes.

2. Administration Issues

The Site is controlled and operated by AARWII TechSolutions Pvt Ltd, India, and is only subjected to the laws and jurisdiction of Andhra Pradesh, India. Resumaker does not guarantee safety or availability of the site services at any specific country or part of the world. Anyone who wishes to access the site services can do the same from anywhere and at any time as he/she wishes. As you agree to the terms and conditions of this site, you become subject to the Indian export controls and you are then responsible for any violations of such controls, rules and the regulations that restrict exports.

3. Information submitted through the site

Resumaker privacy policy (Located at www.resumaker.co.in/privacy-policy) governs your submission of information through the Site. This Agreement incorporates by reference the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy. The governance includes all the creation and modifications and the reviews at Resumaker. Any information you provide in relation with your use of the site and its services, is expected to remain true, accurate and always complete. In addition, you are tied to maintain and update the information you provide regularly. You agree to the policy that any false, inaccurate or incomplete provided by you, may be used to terminate your access and use of the services.

4. Rules of conduct

As you use the site, it is expected of you that you comply and strictly abide to the rules and regulations. You are in addition required to respect other users, their rights and their dignity as well. Your continued use of the site depends on your compliance with set rules and regulation otherwise any ignorance/violation of any of the rules may result to a termination of your access to the site.

5. Description of the Services

We offer certain specialized services to the users of the Site with access to certain specialized content and services related to professionals’ resumes, including without limitation, the creation of electronic profiles, resume organization and conversion functionality, forums, video clips, photographs, graphics, images, charts, text, data, user comments, postings, messages, articles and other similar content (such content and services, collectively, the “Services”). Every content and services made accessible over the Site that were not made available as of the “LAST UPDATED” date, shall automatically be deemed with an immediate effect to be part of the Services when they are first made available for the users through the Site.

6. Termination

The termination agreement is valid and effective until termination. The Resumaker may decide to terminate your access to use of the site at its own judgment for any reason and at any time. This includes if the Resumaker believes that you have acted against the letter of this agreement. If this termination is executed, you cease to benefit the right to access the site and its services with immediate effect. You agree that any case of termination of your access to the site and its services may be executed without any prior notice, and that the Resumaker may disable or erase your username and password and all other related information an even all other files associated to this information will thereby be inaccessible to you and any other person. You agree that the Resumaker shall not be liable both you and any third party for the immediate termination of your access to the site and all the files and services in the site and it shall not be expected to make any information/ files available for you whatsoever.

7. License

For the sake of clarity, you remain the owner of any materials you submit through the site or including on any Resumaker. Nonetheless, you are required to note that we need certain rights in connection with your submission so that we can make them available on the site. For instance, you give to Resumaker and its designers a global, non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free, fully paid up, perpetual, irrevocable right and license, without compensation to you.


To use, reproduce, distribute, adapt (including without limitation edit, modify, translate, and reformat), create derivative works of, publicly display and publicly perform such Submission, in any media now known or hereafter developed, for business purposes, and


To sublicense the preceding rights, through several ranks, to the maximum limits allowed by applicable law; This is if, however, that in each case, with respect to the information, files or materials you submit on Resumaker, such rights shall be subject to any restrictions or limitations established by you in connection with your creation or maintenance.

8. Information on the Site

All/ Any Information made available on the Site or through a Forum may be provided both by Resumaker and by third-party visitors to the Site. Kindly note that Site visitors may post material/information or make statements on the Site that are inaccurate, violating the laws or deceptive. Resumaker does not declare and is not responsible for any Proposal, opinion, advice, information, material or even statements provided on the Site or through a Forum (including on any Resumaker) by third parties, and Resumaker is not responsible for any information or materials made available through the Site or through a Forum (including on any Resumaker) or results obtained by using any such information or materials. Under no circumstances will the entire Resumaker fraternity be liable for any loss or damage caused by your reliance on such information or materials. The opinions expressed on the Site or through a Forum (including on any Resumaker) reflect solely the opinions of the individuals who submitted such opinions, and may not reflect the opinions of Resumaker.

Moreover, Resumaker shall not by any case have any liability for, any damages caused by the use or misuse by any third party of the information that you make public through any part of the Site or through a Forum. IF YOU CHOOSE TO MAKE ANY OF YOUR PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE OR OTHER PERSONAL INFORMATION AVAILABLE ON PUBLIC VIA THE SITE OR THROUGH A FORUM (INCLUDING ON ANY RESUMAKER), YOU DO THAT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

9. Registration, User Names and Passwords

It is a requirement that you register with Resumaker so that you can be able to access the site, its services and certain areas within the site. With respect to such registration, we may decide not to approve you, and you may be denied the chance to use, a user name that is already in use by another user; that may be judged as a case of impersonating someone else; that belongs to another person; that violates the intellectual property; that is offensive; or that we reject for any other reason in our judgment. Your user name and password are confidential and for your personal use only, and not for use by any other person, including other members of any organization for which you work or with which you are otherwise affiliated.


It is here brought to your attention that, we provide some specific services that are specialized in a way, with connection to the creation of an online (electric) profile for a single individual who registers for the Site and provides resume information and for individuals for whom a resume is provided to the Site. These kind of profiles include features that are enhanced and determined by Resumaker (each such electronic profile, together with all of other information, video or audio clips, photographs, graphics, images, charts, text, data, comments, postings messages, articles and other similar content posted by an individual), Resumaker will not screen or review any of the User to determine suitability for employment, nor will it consider any of the individuals for employment with Resumaker. Resumaker does not act as an agent for any individual submitting his or her resume or Resumaker through the Site or any company that may view an individual’s resume or Resumaker through the Site, and nothing herein creates an employer-employee, agency or other relationship between Resumaker and such individual. Resumaker is not, and shall not be, responsible for recruiting, hiring, or any other decisions related to employment with respect to the Resumaker or any individuals using the Site.

The Site acts as a venue for individuals to create Resume and for certain companies to view such Resume. Resumaker does not review, screen, edit or monitor the Resume or make any judgments about or selections of Resumaker User or individuals. Resumaker is not involved in the actual transaction between a potential employer and any individuals through the Site. Therefore, Resumaker has no control over the Resume or the quality, truth, accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of such Resume, or the ability of a potential employer to offer opportunities to individuals, or the ability of individuals to fill job openings, and Resumaker makes no representations or warranties about any Resumaker User, potential employer or individual.

11. Forums

We and our third-party service providers have the right to make the services available for the site users through the Site (for example the chat functionality and massage boards) to which you are able to post information and materials (each, a “Forum”). PLEASE BE AWARE THAT SUCH FORUMS MAY BE PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY, AND MAY BE SUBJECT TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SUCH THIRD PARTY, AS WELL AS THIS AGREEMENT

12. Links

It is possible for the site to provide links to other web sites. This is because Resumaker has zero control over such sites and resources, you agree that Resumaker is not accountable for the availability of such external sites or resources, and Resumaker neither endorses nor is responsible or liable for any content, advertising, products or other materials on or available through such sites or resources. You acknowledge and agree that Resumaker does not endorse such sites and is not and shall not be responsible or liable for any links from those sites to the Site, any content.

13. Copyright Policy

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 avails recourse for copyright owners who believe that material appearing on the Internet infringes their rights under U.S. copyright law. If you believe in good faith that materials available on the Site infringe your copyright, you (or your agent) may send Resumaker a notice requesting that Resumaker to remove the material or block access to it. If you believe in good faith that someone has wrongly filed a notice of copyright infringement against you, the DMCA permits you to send Resumaker a counter-notice. Both notices and counter notices are supposed to meet the current statutory requirements imposed by the DMCA.

14. Contact Us

For more information and clarification on the meaning of application of this Agreement, please feel free to direct the question to us. Kindly note that communications via electronic mails will not necessarily be secure. It is advised that you should not include credit card information or other sensitive information in your email correspondence with us.

Head Office:
AARWII TechSolutions Pvt Ltd,
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