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Fresh Graduates

Many doors to knock when you are fresh out of college; we understand your ambitions. Resumaker library has a plethora of free templates which you can pick and choose to kick start your illustrious career, you are knocking door of a resume builder online free.

Create your impressive resume absolutely for free, when you are a fresh graduate we have built temlates best suitable for building your resume online absolutely for free. When you sign-up with Resumaker, it means you are using best free resume builder, we provide you options to download your best free resume in any free selected template.

Not just academics, our innovative free resume templates put your soft skills, co-curricular and extracurricular achievements in bright light. Just login and explore the realm of ideas. Our templates cater to an array of professions, whether you are looking forward to pursue a career in hospitality, management, engineering or even teaching, we have them all. Key in your skills and other basic information, pick a template, and your resume is ready in hardly any time. It can't get any simpler, what do you think? Try it to know it.

More so, if you are looking for someone to mentor or guide you, we are just a tap away. Our experts are ever ready to assist you in creating customized resume, taking into account your skills and goals. Our innovation doesn't end here; you have an abundance of opportunities to explore at Resumaker, it is you free online resume builder, get your free online resume just in minutes.


Moving up the corporate ladder is no cake walk, our team at Resumaker crafts customized resumes to portray your niche skills. Our specialized team also personally assists professionals to look up for templates that will best suit to meet your ambitions. Brevity is the essence of Resumaker; summing up your 4 or 5 years of experience in a concise yet holistic format is what makes us stand apart. We churn through all your skills and just take the cream of it to be a part of your resume.

While you are busy thinking about the perfect elevator pitch for the interview, our team can assist you with creating the most unique resume that your job profile can ever ask for. What makes Resumaker unique for you is its personalized touch to each professional who steps into our website. Templates are always available for your perusal, but if you are looking for something more and special, ask for it, your wish is our command.


Leaders of their game, what more do they ask for? Sky is the limit, they say and in a dynamic market, market leaders also change by each passing day. To keep up with the momentum and the demands of high octane jobs, Resumaker has a panel of experts who walks you through a series of sessions to understand your job expectations and builds a charismatic resume.

The resumes are not mere words explaining your achievements, our graphic experts design infographic resumes to depict your career growth across years. We focus more on numbers and graphs for our Executives, that strikes a chord with you instantly, isn't it? Infographic resumes will definitely make your resume a notch above your competitors, giving a fresh, state-of-the-art look and feel. Experience it and you are definitely not compromising on anything less.

What's more? To understand your profession and expectations better we might also schedule one to one discussions, enabling us to get a pulse of your job. Additionally, we also schedule review sessions, to ensure your expectations are perfectly met.

Career Change

Many feathers in your cap, time to show them off. One day a financial consultant and the next day you wear chef's hat, yes it is possible. You are skilled at multiple avenues and are passionate to follow them, hats off to you. Resumaker stands by you to change your career track.

The transition, naysayers believe is not easy. Shun this thought. Our experts have tried it themselves and are glad to lend you a helping hand in creating an innovative resume that helps you change gears smoothly.

Our esteemed panel of experts can guide you upon key skills to be highlighted that could grab the attention of your prospective employers. Changing streams can be quite taxing both in terms of adapting to new work environment, learning new tricks of the trade. To set the platform right, Resumaker brings unique resumes to cater to such specific needs. Interestingly, our library of templates can be further customized as per your ideas and skill sets. Creativity has no boundaries at Resumaker, you ask for it and we deliver it to you.

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