What hiccups do graduates face during early job Search

We pass through various stages in life right from our childhood till we become old. Every stage of life has its own positives and negatives. In reality, we hardly have any time to think in-depth about the positives and negatives we experience in our early stages of life. However, time runs so fast that even before we realize, we graduate out of college ready to be absorbed by the job market. This is the time when we need to present ourselves in the best possible manner for the prospective employer. Let us look at the hiccups you may face as fresh graduates and ways to present your candidature to the prospective employers in the best possible manner through resume and other modes.

Unrealistic expectations

This is the area in which many fresh graduates generally get hurt since their expectations pertaining to their first job tends to be high. Understand that you are one among the thousands of graduates who are eagerly entering the job market like you. This only means that not everyone will land up in their dream jobs. Some may be lucky enough to find their dream job which will travel with them till they retire. However, many may not be lucky enough to find their dream job right at the beginning.

Handling the interview

Facing the interview is not an easy task. Right from entering the interview room to leaving the same after the interview every aspect is important. Not only your verbal answers but your body language plays a crucial role in passing through the interview. Many colleges focus only on the major subjects that the students have registered themselves for and miss to train them on skills like attending job interviews. Fresh graduates remain highly vulnerable in this aspect. Try to understand what a job interview is all about and the behavior that will fetch you the job you aspire.

Lack of practical experience

Most of the companies today lookout for at least minimal experience in graduates. Students who belong to the professional streams have the opportunity to undergo Internship training during their studies. Students who study non-professional courses lack this opportunity which makes them absolutely fresh to the employment market. Lack of experience is one of the main hurdles for graduates who aspire to be employed after graduation.

Lack of knowledge about current salary trends

Most of the fresh graduates are unaware of the prevalent salary trends for various positions in the job market. While some graduates research and understand at least the basic information, many still enter the interview room unguarded. Companies tend to hire people at the maximum possible low cost since every aspect of business contributes to its bottom line and top line. Graduates, on the other hand, feel tensed that they might not get the job if they negotiate higher salaries than that is proposed during their first interview. This fear factor makes them compromise on the salary aspect leading to a humble beginning.

Lack of clarity about future path

Graduates who come out of college tend to get confused with the many options presented before them. While many dillydally between going for a job and studying further, many get confused in choosing a suitable field for them. This creates a lot of ambiguity in their minds. The intensity of such ambiguities varies from one graduate to another since the same is dependent on their personal situations also.

Moving away from your base location

Fresh graduates who aspire to enter the job market find it extremely difficult to cope up with the fact that they have to relocate if they want a job. When their prospective employer informs relocation as a clause of employment, they feel shaken. It is prudent to realize that as fresh graduates you do not have the choice to say no if relocation is an employment condition. If you need the job and if the same is going to be highly prospective in terms of future growth, it is only prudent to accept the clause and relocate.

Present yourself in the perfect manner ? Use professional resume services

Resume which is also referred to as Curriculum Vitae and Biodata plays a significant role in highlighting your candidature for an employment opening. The resume is the document that explains your personality, skill sets, educational background and other capabilities in a detailed manner. Preparing a resume must be done with utmost care. Your resume, which will be a short document at the beginning of your career, must cover many aspects of yours some of which are listed below for clear understanding. Social skills Communication Personality type Team spirit Honesty and integrity Creativity and originality Personality type and spirit Cultural background Passion and commitment Attitude Preparing a resume covering all the above aspects of yours? self? is a herculean task. It is all the more difficult when the resume has to be prepared for a fresh graduate who has minimal things to be exhibited through the document. One of the best things that fresh graduates can go in for is the resume services offered by professional agencies that specialize in the same. The expert resume writing professionals such agencies have on their roles prepare your resume highlighting your strengths using the appropriate words. The crisp and clear manner in which such professionals prepare your resume will enable you to get a competitive edge over the resumes of other candidates who are in reality your competitors. Professional resume service providers use their experience to highlight the essential aspects of your candidature in an appealing manner. They ensure that the data provided to you in your resume is fine-tuned to suit the current trends in the job market. The objectivity with which they project your candidature to the prospective employers makes your resume stand out of the crowd in a unique manner. Many agencies offer resume services online at an affordable cost. Leverage the expertise of professional resume services to prepare your resume in the best possible manner. Use the time and effort you save in this activity to prepare yourself for the job interview and employment tests you have to crack.

Pragmatic understanding of facts is the solution

Let us look at some solutions to safeguard your interest as candidates fresh out of college on the lookout for your first job. 1. When you are still in your final year, start looking out for the employment opportunities available in your field of study. 2. An understanding of the kind of positions that require your degree and the future prospects available for the same is very important. 3. Another crucial requirement is to understand the type of industries that may suit your outlook about employment in the long run. 4. Make a self-assessment if you are really equipped with the skill sets and capabilities that are expected in specific job requirements you are aspiring for. When you feel you are lacking some of the skill sets, prepare yourself on those aspects