The Costly Mistakes in a Resume

We have read through many resumes, and at the same time, we have created hundreds of professional resumes which are not limited to Marketing, Operations, Engineering, IT but includes Management positions. There is a fundamental rule one must follow when creating an influencing Resume. What is that? How does it benefit me? Can it ring the bell for an interview call? Spelling, Grammer, Formatting, Fonts, etc.. these are pretty basic, and there are a variety of tools available in the market which puts you error-free. Like when you are using Microsoft Word? Spell check is a built function. Grammarly is the most popular choice for Grammer with pre-built spell check and recommendation with synonyms. There is a free version available, once you sign-up then you can start using all the free features. Resumaker for free resume templates, once you register then, you can follow the pre-built sections to create a well-formatted resume hassle-free on formatting, font selection, styling etc. and it's available for you to download instantly.

Mistake 1: Buying iPhone 4 for the price of the iPhone 11 Pro

That's what exactly it means when you try to clone from the old resume or copy from the internet. You tend to follow the same template, which was really a good many years back but outdated today. Never commit this mistake, a resume must be as fresh as your upgraded skills, your latest qualifications and your achievements. Nobody likes to listen to old stories. Many individuals tend to update the old resume but eventually forget about old formatting, styling and all other areas in their resume. You must create a resume from scratch, set your new tone, talk about your achievements, tell your success stories, show what and how you bring value to the hiring organization. Once you start creating a fresh new resume, then you will pay more attention to your recent achievements, skills, describing the position you are applying etc., and in fact, that's what the hiring company is looking from you.

Mistake 2: Don't put all eggs in one basket

When your outstanding achievements, value additions and expert skills are mixed-up with the fundamental responsibility then how to do you expect the interviewer weigh it with due diligence? It's not their job but yours. When it comes to resume, many individuals tend to write every single responsibility which not only creates at least half a dozen to a dozen pages of content but also mixes the gist. Is the recruiter or interviewer read your entire Resume? how long it takes? It's not practical to read every single resume they receive. So, squeeze into one or two pages then you need to focus on the value additions; it's ok to leave typical responsibilities not to highlight. The benefit, if gives higher opportunity to read through the complete resume. So, what you want to convey through your resume is already reaches the target audience.

Mistake 3: Not every individual is the same, don't generalize

Many professionals tend to follow some sequence or order, it's good but what if in your case a particular section gets more weight but which is not in the vicinity when recruiter browse through your resume? It loses the opportunity of catching attention. One single miss from your resume can make a big difference that is "It may be the case of never gets shortlisted hence lose the opportunity of joining your dream company?" So, present the right content in the right section. Think this way, generally, a Resume is written and printed in A4 page. The first half page of your resume is what you can present to create a difference. Focus on highlight your success, achievements & credentials than writing about your contacts details, or other general information which may not be needed in the shortlisting process or during the interview. Benefit, higher chances of getting shortlisted means it eventually opens the door to the dream job. When you get call means you entered the selection process and moving on the first step.


A Resume must be a sales pitch, and it must carry the quantified data. What you say in the first few lines of your resume makes a path for your interview call and the later how you present yourselves dives your interview session. When you create an impactful resume, then it must be paving the path for your offer than putting you in a queue with dozens/hundreds of other applicants. What matters? What you say and How you say in your resume makes the deal. So go and close the deal.