Technical interview or managerial interview matter?

If you are an IT professional and thinking whether to focus more on technical interview round or managerial round, you will find an appropriate answer here. First of all, you must understand the importance of an interview. If you want to clear your interview rounds you have to be serious as soon as you apply for a position in any organization. Every organization has its own defined sets of interview sessions and round. Every next interview session or round is completely dependent on your performance of the previous interview session or round. That is, to reach a managerial interview round you have to face technical interviews and give you the best. Somehow, if you will fail in the technical interview round you will not be allowed to attend the next managerial round interview. Thus, both of them have their own importance and you will have to focus equally on both of these managerial and technical rounds of interview. The below sections will help you to know how important these two managerial interviews and technical interview rounds are.


First of all, you will have to be creative and expressive with your resume and personality so that they can shortlist and contact you for interview rounds. A technical interview session or round plays a really important role. This round is all about judging and summarizing your skills and knowledge about your IT field. Usually, employers want to hire an IT candidate with sharp skills and knowledge. Thus, You must prepare yourself really well for this interview round as the interviewer can possibly ask you some deep IT academic questions that can possibly put you in trouble. It's really necessary for you to clear your technical round with your skills, knowledge and positive attitude as there will not be any second chance and if you fail to clear this round, you will not be allowed for the next round of interviews. Thus, prepare yourself really well for the technical round.


In the managerial round of the interview, you will be facing the manager of the organization. Also, there can be some HR staff who will be assisting the manager. This round is all about impressing the manager with your confidence, positive attitude, professionalism and presence of mind. Also, the manager can ask you several academic questions, or there can be some tricky questions as well. But don't lose your patience and respond to everything confidently. Don't worry about anything just be confident, as the manager will be judging your confidence and presence of mind. He is interested in your body language as well so try to be professional as much as possible. Be a good listener throughout this interview session as the manager will be providing you some information about the company that you must listen to carefully. You can also ask him some relevant questions regarding the position and organization, it shows that you are really interested to work with the organization. Be careful and perform well in this round of interviews, if you will not be able to impress and satisfy the manager probably you will lose this opportunity. Overall, this round is all about judging your confidence, presence of mind, attitude, critical thinking ability, and skills. Also, this round involves salary negotiation so stay ready for that too.


There is no priority based comparison that exists between these two rounds or sessions of the interview. Both of these are equally important and to access the next round you have to clear the previous round of interviews. Being an IT professional stay prepared for each and every round of interviews so that you can get your dream job easily.