How an Interviewer Weighs Your Resume

Can you guess what an interviewer knows about you before meeting you and talking to you in an interview session? An interviewer knows only those things about you that you have mentioned in your resume. Whenever there is a vacancy or job posting, most of the time, every professional with suitable or similar skills apply for the position. An important question that arises here is, do they all say the same story? The answer is obviously NO. So, what is the difference between the professional who gets attention from the interviewer and others not?

Here We will Help you to Know How an Interviewer Weighs Your Resume

First of all, your resume must be attractive, and it sounds promising. It will be great for you to mention your field of experience on the first page, and it's equally important to show your area of expertise to the interviewer in an attractive way. Most of the professionals mention their roles at the project description section, which is fine, but if you say it on your first page, it will bring highlights and will increase the overall value and impression of your resume.

Write Success story

Another good thing to mention in your resume is your success story and your attitude towards work and society. Always write your success story in a single line or maximum of two lines as your interviewer is not going to spend hours on your resume. So it will be more convenient for interviewers to read your success stories when it's not much longer.

Include Social and Cultural Activities

Another thing that you should mention in your resume to increase its value and impression is your cultural and social activities. By referring to your social and cultural events, your interviewers will be able to judge how active you are. Most of the time, interviewers want to hire such candidates that are almost allrounder with their skills and performance. Also, these days modern organisations and industries are not only limited to office work or machines, but they are progressing towards bio offices, go green initiatives. They are helping communities via CSR etc. Mentioning your cultural and social activities helps you to add value and weighs to your resume. So try to say all such attractive histories related to your cultural and social events in your resume, but keep them short so that your interviewer doesn't get irritated with it.

Be Real and Genuine

Mention your skills smartly with confidence. Don't mention any fake skills or information in your resume because possibly whenever you will go for a face to face interview, they ask you several questions to verify whether you possess those skills and information that you provided is genuine or not. So try to be accurate and honest as they are genius and their job is to face candidates like you regularly, so it's easy for them to catch any fake details and skills mentioned by you. Finally, make every section of resume expressive but shorter and highlight all the attractive with valuable factors in your resume so that the interviewer can focus on your key skills and details and, most importantly, be genuine while writing your resume.