Discipline or confidence - as an young graduate what you should think of priority

It can be very confusing for most of the young graduates to prioritize between discipline and confidence. Your overall Interview performance and the chance of winning a job are dependent on both of these factors. Discipline is all about your behavior, personality and body language and confidence is something that helps you to express your skills, thoughts, and opinions effectively with positivity that can impress the employers. If you are one of those professional graduates who are not able to prioritize between self-confidence and Discipline, here you will get appropriate help.

Your Confidence Is Your Key To Success

You must be knowing how difficult it is to survive in this modern professional world and probably you may have to struggle to get an appropriate job. Your confidence plays a very important role when it's about securing or winning a job. If you have appropriate target field skills, knowledge and exposure but you lack confidence, probably you and your application will be rejected by the employer immediately. You must be confident while communicating with HRs/ employers and you must express all your thoughts and opinions positively with great confidence. The main role of your confidence in any Interview is to assure the employers that they are spending time with the right job candidate.

Discipline: The Core Personality

Discipline is all about being professional as much as you can. You must understand what is right and what is wrong. You must be able to judge your own act before you perform. Do you know, your body language is also a sign of discipline. Yes, it includes blinking, lips biting, etc. The interviewer or employer will be always judging your discipline throughout the interview session. Thus, it's important to maintain your discipline appropriately in a professional way throughout the interview. The more you will be disciplined, the more employers will be impressed, the higher will be the chance of getting an appropriate job.

Discipline Vs. Confidence

It can be really difficult to decide whether to focus on your discipline or your confidence to get an appropriate job. Both of them are equally important. A candidate with great confidence and low discipline and a highly disciplined candidate with low confidence, both of them will not be accepted and employers may probably reject them and their application. Employers seek a candidate who has a good confidence level and is highly disciplined. Thus, To get an appropriate or dream job you have to work on both of these qualities. Whether it's about discipline or it's about confidence, you have to master both to get an appropriate job. However, if you think you are well disciplined but lack of confidence, it will be great for you to work more on boosting your confidence level. Similarly, if your confidence level is good but not able to understand and follow appropriate professional discipline, Improve your discipline level first.


A successful person achieves the heights in career only when his performance is consistent. It's only the discipline that keeps everyone to keep up the consistency. Whereas confidence is the fuel unless you show a great level of confidence or your feel yourselves as confident you can't take-up great jobs. At the same time, you must be consistent to give your best confidence.