Achieving your dream career

Reaching your dream career is not impossible, yet, it may be a tough path. And this path has to start even while you are still a student. Do you know that how you perform during your college days would more or less create an impact on how you can take hold of the job you want? There are just so many things you can do in order for you to achieve your career.

1. Identify your present capabilities. Then improve on them

Know thyself, as a famous philosopher has said. It is important that you take a course in the field that really interests you, and in which you show promising capabilities. Take time to evaluate your present skills and consider studying a course where those skills are extremely desirable. In doing so you will find your course details relatively easy to grasp and master, while your subsequent job experience in your studied field will be more satisfying. Moreover, you will be well-placed to advance rapidly career-wise. Know that as people are more productive when doing what they really want in life. However, not every student knows what they really want until they enroll and advance in a course proper. Here, their real skills are tested in actuality, and weaknesses are revealed where strength seemed complete. That is perfectly normal and common with many students. Rather than get disappointed and consider your aspirations to be disillusionment, use this situation to better understand what areas you really need to improve. You could be an enthusiastic engineering student good with technical knowledge, but you find the advanced calculus a bit challenging. Start by putting extra work into this identified weak-spot, and your overall engineering potential will rise considerably. For students who are at a loss when deciding what course to embark on, or are spoilt between two seemingly viable course choices, don't just pick blindly. Take skill evaluation tests, available both online and in academic institutions, which will help you get into a course where you best fit in. Are you good at sciences? Then you are well-suited medicine and engineering fields. Are you exceptionally gifted in languages? Then you could consider studying for a career in language-teaching, writing, or perhaps public relations. Are you good at cooking? Maybe you will do well in a culinary-oriented career and even in hotel and restaurant management. It is a given fact that not all are able to practice in their degree category once they graduate. But it is important that you choose the course which matches and strengthens your skills and intelligence, and at least something in which you are enthusiastic and are interested in. as a consequence, that kind, of course, will always draw you to learn more and more. After all, what is the purpose of enrolling and studying if you are not going to learn? It is necessary that you learn something whenever you attend your classes, and in order for you to do that, you have to take up a course which will really motivate you to study. However, it must be in a field that your level of intellect would be able to comprehend.

2. Participate in extracurricular activities both inside and outside your campus

Learning does not end inside the four walls of your classroom. You need experience, even if it is not something related to your course. Participate in extracurricular activities both inside and outside your campus. This will help you become well-rounded. Join different organizations, especially those of civic value. Employers do not only look at an applicant?s grades. They also look at what you have done outside academics. It could be blood-letting activities, teaching other people, listening to motivational talks, joining study tours, etc.

3. Improve your personality.

Nothing beats a good attitude. In every challenge you encounter, may it be your schoolwork or relationships, your personality is revealed. Do you feel disheartened because of failures? Work on this one. Are you easily becoming impatient whenever there is a delay or whenever someone or something is bothering you? Work on it. Improving yourself includes being conscious of your reactions to different things. When you apply for a job, the interviewer would ask you certain situational questions that seek to know how you will respond whenever these scenarios come. Many times, these are negative incidents, and the employer only wants to know how far can you go when such things happen.

4. Never quit

You may not be able to achieve your dream job for the first time you will apply. That is okay. Do you aspire to be the manager of a company? Of course, it seems impossible to be there without any experience yet. Be versatile. Be humble. A lot of times, you need to accept the low position and from there, you can step by step reach the top. You will really face a lot of problems before you are able to get what you really want. But it is important to see every test as an opportunity for you to excel and be better that would make you fit for the career that you really want in life.

5. Organise yourself

Along with making the right choices and consistent, hard work, organizing yourself is indispensable in your efforts to end up in the right career. At all times in your studies, strive to organize your assignments and projects in a good time. Plan and adjust your chores timelines well so that you never fail to meet deadlines. To achieve this create priority lists such that the more urgent tasks receive timely attention, while others aren't?t unduly neglected. However, being organized doesn't mean segmenting all your available time and filling it in with chores and sundry tasks. It means realizing the best out of your time resource. To attain this goal, set apart a few minutes of your mornings to lay out a schedule for the starting day, with considerations for tasks carried forward from the previous day. Create a roster based on the importance and urgency of each and every activity, and don't leave out rest periods. Including and observing rests in your schedule remissions from work restore your mental vitality, and you are thereafter able to resume work with greater vigor.