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Who we are!

We are on a leveled playing field with opportunities bubbling from each nook and corner of the world. Are you a global player? You would have it all; but in this intertwined network of social media, one who screams loud is visible.

Worried you will be lost in this wide gamut of job hunters? Resumaker is the mouthpiece that helps you voice your skills and give you a perfect first impression. Resumaker stands for excellence at all times. Each resume template available in our repository is scanned through a series of checks by our team of experts who certify it, only if matches the pre-requisite standards. Resumaker not just offers you a library of templates to pick from; we have a very robust archival system as well. Once your resume is created on Resumaker, it is saved for your next reference as well.

Whether you just out of your schooling cocoon or a seasoned professional, Resumaker team has the best minds to showcase the finest in you. Let us make a positive difference in your careers together.

Whom we serve

A fresh graduate to executives..

  • Stepping into the corporate rat race right after your graduation can be alarming. Not any longer, Resumaker is your go-to buddy, be it your first draft of resume or assisting you to identify and explore career opportunities, we provide it all.
  • Novice graduate, grappling through career choices? You have landed up on the right page.
  • Bogged down by peer pressure and you want to get it right the first time, Resumaker experts are just a call away to address and guide through your concerns.
  • Seasoned corporate professional planning to make it to the next niche level, Resumaker offers impeccable and concise resumes.
  • From a beginner to the bigwigs of the corporate world, a proper combination of skills and experience well presented is a recipe for a perfect resume and the master chef, Resumaker seasons it with infographics to give you a delectable experience.

Our Process

Process is very simple..

  • Simple and crisp, just key in the basic details and Resumaker does the rest for you.
  • Smart, our tools are intelligently designed to process the information shared and articulate them to meet your desired job profiles.
  • Swift, thanks to our innovative tech force, unique resumes are designed in a jiffy. That said, Resumaker welcomes you to our one-to-one sessions for designing tailor made resumes.
  • Systematic and pragmatic, each step in creating your resume is immaculately followed. Right from fetching basic educational details to jotting down your hobbies.
  • Superior in quality, whether created in few minutes or through brainstorming sessions with our panel of experts, rest assured Resumaker gives you nothing but the best.

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking to elevate your professional career or a newbie in the corporate world, you have reached the right place. Resumaker is your buddy for all your professional concerns. With extensive research we have built an extensive library of varied resumes, catering to the needs of experienced professionals as well as freshers in the industry. What makes a resume stand out in a heap? Creative, crisp and well-presented, right? We make sure you have a unique resume which highlights your skills and your strengths stand out boldly.

How It Works

Step 1

How it works - simple.

Step 2

Enter details

  • Key in the details for your resume in the form specified, preview the details and then submit.

Step 3


  • Your resume is just a click away, hit the download button and you have your Resume ready. Changed your mind and you need something more in your resume, choose another template, you are not charged for it at all.